Bench Racers International Podcast

Bench Racers International (BRI) Podcast was hatched after I had started doing some race reports on The Pace Podcast. After a time, that shows co-host (James Reazor) suggested that we try a motorcycle roadracing racing specific podcast aimed at giving race series updates during the racing season that run in a lengths of 45 minutes (give or take a few) which is close to an average work commute time for many people. James recently had to step away from the show so I’m carrying on solo for the time being. BRI covers MotoGP & World Superbike and their support classes, AMA Pro Road Racing, British Superbike, and The Isle of Man TT. Along with interviews and race updates, I cover current news and offer some commentary and opinion on happenings within the sport. Thanks for give BRI a listen and let me know what you think. I welcome any feedback whether positive or negative. BRI is on i-tunes and you can click on the above link for current and past episodes.

Cheers, Motodog

UPDATE: After 50 some-odd episodes, I pulled the plug on BRI due to time constraints and other commitments. I’m now contributing material to MotoPodCast which you can access at


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