25 comments on “Former T.W.O. to re-open as ‘Two Wheels of Suches’

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  2. Great news! I live nearby now, but when I lived in Fla, TWO would be a favorite place for us to go. Looking forward to the Grand Opening. My wife hopes you’ll have a great burger!

    • Eli, Thanks for the comments. Mr Johnston said he probably wouldn’t have an official ‘grand opening’ until maybe later in the year but hopefully they are still on schedule to open in about a month from now. I spoke to one of the ladies that will be cooking and she assured me it will be as good or better than before.
      Scott B.

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  4. Thank you Mr. Johnston for reopening TWO Wheels Of Suches AKA (TWO) See you there.

  5. When is two wheels of suches going to open ? I have rode past about 4 times in the last 2 months and have not seen any activity

    • Their Facebook page says it should be soon but no official opening date as of yet. Weather has put them a bit behind schedule. As soon as I hear that they are opening I’ll post it here with dates, etc…Thanks, Scott B

  6. I went there for lunch on July 20, 2013 while traveling around the mts. I had heard it was open again then found your article. Thanks! It was open only on weekends till it gets the news out all over, so go there to have some great food and conversation. I had their delicious huge burger and a wonderful conversation with several people, including Mary! Had a great couple of hours there before heading off to other parts. Get the word out everybody!! The place looks great too!! Glad I was there!! Luckily it was a nice day, cause as so many ppl know, the mts have had unusual rainfall this season!

    • Thanks for the comments !! I stayed there in one of the lodge rooms last Friday night and really enjoyed my stay. The other two lodge rooms were occupied also but there was nobody in the campground which was probably in part due to the weather folks threats of flooding rains for days leading up to the weekend (didn’t rain a drop while I was there). I’m going to do a post here soon on my visit there to try and spread the word even more.
      Cheers !! Scott B

      • Hi everyone, i have been going to TWO since 1991 and i was sad when it closed. I was happy to see that it has reopened as Two Wheels of Suches, and i stopped by today and had lunch. I just wanted to know what riders think of the place now that it has reopened

      • Thanks for the comment Dave. Although I had visited TWO in the past, I hadn’t been going there nearly as long as guys like you. I did see a comment on a forum recently from a rider that was a regular there and after a recent visit they said the new version was really impressive and that the new owner seemed to be trying hard to keep the atmosphere similar to the former.
        Cheers, Scott B.

  7. It was always a pleasure to stop here. Hope to keep enjoying when it reopens with the same relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

    • I think you will Beth. The new owner is a former regular of TWO and he wanted to keep the same atmosphere but improve the property / product. They are now closed until Spring but are continuing to do upgrades. Thanks for checking out the blog !!

  8. From GT’s family

    Dear Friends of GT, We are greatly saddened by the loss of GT this past Monday. He was a good kind man and he will be greatly missed by all of his family and friends. On Saturday, Aug 23 at 2pm, a memorial service for GT is being held at Banister Funeral Home, 2068 Hwy 19, North Dahlonoga, Georgia. We look forward to meeting any of our brothers friends who will be able to attend. We would appreciate any support to get the word out about GT’s service on Saturday. We’d like to make sure everyone is aware. Something will be posted on the Banister Funeral Home site shortly as well. If you would like to speak at the memorial service, we would welcome your stories and memories.

    • Prayers for comfort and encouragement for you and your family. I just heard of GT’s passing this morning while listening to Lloyd & Greg on their Electric KoolAid podcast. I was fortunate to visit TWO on several occasions during it’s last few years of operation and although not one of the ‘old regulars’ I was very aware of what the place and especially you all meant to not only area riders but to riders from many different parts of the country. I’ll definitely help spread the word about GT’s service.
      God Bless, Scott Bolton

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